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WEEE! - I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Die Hoes

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WEEE! [Jun. 22nd, 2005|08:33 pm]
Die Hoes
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Taking back sunday - slowdance on the inside]

Mod app

Name- Donnie, bitches!
Age- 14
Location- fayetteville NC


Bands/artist- RAWR. um, multiple. Sublime, Weezer, TheUsed, Frou Frou, Something Corporate, Marilyn Manson, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday
songs- All these songs make me sad too. Sunsets and car crashes, Konstantine, Tiger Lily, It's Good To Be In Love, The No Seatbelt Song.
movies- Garden State, Dawn of the Dead, Lords of D-town, The breakfast club, Dirty Dancing, SLC Punk
foods- Any random pizza snack, water
places to be- not alone which is rare =\
color- This color red is nice
books- smack, The perks


George Bush- Get the hell out of our fucking country. He is to stupid to run a Preschool much less one of the strongest powers in the world. I vote nader, or nixon...dammit i cant tell you how bad i hate george bush. I will explain more in the next topics \/
abortion- 1st trimester pregnancy, sure. Rape victim, sure. Idiotic mistake of your own for no protection, your stuck with the baby! If you wait like 5 months to decide to get an abortion, too bad your stuck with the baby, Its your decision what to do with him/her afterwards.
gay marriage- Why the hell not...? Georga (xD good typo) Bush is pressing so hard to make it illegal and hell, most of the worst homophobes are gay themself. I dont have a problem with it. If any one i knew was gay i would support them and stand up for them.
do you think religion should be taught in school?- NO! N-fucking O NO. People turn to god for answers to their questions...I dont see why, where the fuck is he, he doesnt have special invisable heaven balloon privaliges!!!! You dont need someone else to make decisions for you, if you do your just a pitiful little bible humper. Its a figment of christian imagination that they force on you and if you think its something too good to be true...well guess what, it is.


4 things most people dont know about you- I stay in my room most of the day. I may and will cry on a regular basis. Physical pain to me is nothing compared to mental and emotional. I hit my toes\knee on my door at least once a day, garunteed!
3 things in your life that you love *bands,people,games,movies, books, etc* Sheldon, songs that bring back memories, going back o places where something has once happened in your life with whoever and reliving it. its great
2 things you regret in life- Not being able to think for myself too good, Not accepting people if they come off bad right away.
1 thing you couldnt live without- A form of communication to anything. Be it computer or phone...hell even mail if it comes down to it.

}3+ pics{

Just my inner child.



[User Picture]From: darkangel0991
2005-06-23 01:49 am (UTC)


ok yea...the first 3 are autoaccepted...but truthfully i didnt like ure app at all... like the pics and most of the opinions...but yeah i know u and ure cool so yea
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